Lazy Sundays … Not Really

I was awakened much earlier than planned this morning by the menagerie inquiring as to if and when we (meaning I) ever planned to feed them.  This was not particularly enjoyable, but has done wonders for my productivity, or at least it did once I’d had my coffee and was coherent enough to string words together.  So I’ve been busy writing.

I’m somewhat reluctant to announce release dates for work in progress, since that’s just a perfect way to ensure that something will come up and I will end up being delayed.  So, I will simply state that it is my intention to release Her Stepbrother’s Bride on August 16.  I then hope to release the extended, full-length story shortly thereafter.

If you’ve missed that bit of news, here is what is happening.  Many of my fellow novella writers combine their related work into omnibus editions and release that for sale.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with that approach, I’ve done it myself.  But to be perfectly honest, beyond the convenience of having all installments in one book, there’s not much in it for those who have already read each installment of a series.

I want to try something different this time.  I am taking the four installments of the Seduced by her Stepbrother series, adding brand-new content to expand and enlarge on the story, and will release it as a full-length work.  It will be available for purchase and on Kindle Unlimited as well.  There’s value in this for both the reader and the writer.  Readers will be given significant new content to enjoy, not just 10,000 words worth of filler and I get to flesh out this story in a way that the novella format doesn’t permit.  We all gain 🙂

As always, I will announce the release on my mailing list

Also, today is the final day of the Countdown Deal for Seduced by her Stepbrother.  You can get the first installment of this series for just $0,99!

Seduced by her stepbrother Thumbnail


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