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Seduced by the Viking (Naughty Novelette) is live!

I’m very pleased to say that my second Naughty Novelette, Seduced by the Viking is now live in the Kindle Store!  At a little over 9,300 words it’s a quick read, but a full story with a beginning, middle and end.  Here’s the description:

Beautiful Jennet and her mousey husband Bryce have a loving, solid marriage. But when they are swept back in time to tenth century Iceland, Bryce learns to his horror that they have been brought there by sorcery, and that his lovely, faithful wife is meant to bear a Viking’s child! Will Jennet be able to resist the burning desire she feels for the gorgeous, masculine Ansvarr, or will she find herself … Seduced by the Viking?

The Viking stories are selling quite well, and I enjoy writing them, so there will be a third installment coming shortly!


Tom’s Transformation (Turned Gay, Volume 1) is live!

Tom’s Transformation (Turned Gay, Volume 1) is now available in the Kindle Store!

From the description:

This book contains adult themes and explicit language. It is intended for adults only.

Handsome, heterosexual Tom Blake is a typical, Mid-Western, unfaithful husband until the day he receives an email, instructing him to show up at a gay bar — or else! What starts as a simple bit of blackmail by his co-worker Aaron soon becomes more complicated as Tom finds himself struggling with feelings he’s never experienced before. Will Tom resist his unexpected, burgeoning passion for Aaron? Or will Tom find himself … Turned Gay?

Dear Reader: This is a complete story, not the first few chapters, not a cliffhanger. There is a beginning, middle and end, full stop.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!