New Novelette! The Viking’s Bed Slave.

I’ve just recently put up the first in a series of “Naughty Novelettes” called The Viking’s Bed Slave, available on for just $0.99.  Here’s a description:

One moment Alison is wandering around her husband’s archaeological dig hating both her marriage and her life, and the next she finds herself a thousand years in the past, claimed as a bed slave by none other than Erik the Red! Alison realizes her intended fate is that of a bed-slave, intended to bring her master both pleasure and children! Naturally she’s horrified … but also helplessly aroused at the very thought! Will Alison find her way back to her own time before she becomes … the Viking’s Bed Slave?

I must confess, I had a great deal of fun writing this one and in the course of doing research, learned quite a bit as well.  I wouldn’t say this is too terribly heavy on historical accuracy (enough so as not to be ridiculous, and sufficient to lend the flavor of time and place), but then if you are looking to be educated on Viking culture and history, I should think there are better places to look than in a 99 cent novelette listed under erotica and erotic romance.

This is the first in a series of related novelettes, so keep visiting to hear news of the rest of the series!


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