Free Promotion! Me, My Wife and My Best Friend: The Story of a Contented Cuckold

I’m pleased to announce that my first novelette, Me, My Wife and My Best Friend:  The Story of a Contented Cuckold is available for free today on!  This story came about from a long-running fantasy of mine, and I have quite a nostalgic fondness for it.  Here is the blurb:

Brad is a successful businessman and husband to a loving, beautiful, faithful wife. When Brad discovers his wife’s taste in reading materials it arouses in him an irresistible need to make fantasy become reality. Desperate, he turns to his best friend Tyrone for help. Ty is reluctant, but can’t resist his friend’s lovely wife. Will Brad’s dreams come true? And if they do, will it destroy Brad’s relationship with his wife and his best friend?

I recall reading something a while ago discussing the interracial aspect of cuckold stories, specifically why the presence of a black alpha  is so ubiquitous in these types of stories.  There’s the ugly racist, stereotypes of the big black buck, of course.  Personally, I find the idea quite titillating not because of any fabled size and power, but rather because the fruits of such a union (and really, a wife having another man’s baby is the hottest part of such stories!) leave absolutely no doubt whatsoever to the world at large that a cuckolding has taken place.  The sex lasts as long as it lasts, but explaining your white wife’s black baby to your family, your friends and your workmates — well, that deliciousness lasts forever.


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